Battered Fish: A History


Battered Fish: A History

The classic Aussie practice of battering fish and serving it with chips has been a firm favourite on menus for years.

A crisp outer shell encasing a tenderly cooked fillet has always had punters coming back for more, but you’d be surprised to know that batter wasn’t even originally intended to eat...

Through the Ages

Originally used as a method of cooking meat, batter was then peeled off and discarded before it even reached the dinner plate. Some believe the reason for coating fish in batter was to act as a preservative which was then thrown away when the fish was eaten cold.

Eating battered fish appeared in Britain as far back as the 15th Century, and was introduced by Portuguese Marrano Jews who had fled persecution in their homeland.

However, it wasn’t’ until the advent of Fish and Chip shops in Britain in the 19th Century, serving fish ‘fried in the Jewish fashion’, paired with the humble potato chip that battered fish cemented its popularity amongst the masses.

Something for everyone

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